Barbara Leslie offers musculo-skeletal physiotherapy for post illness and injury rehabilitation. Using traditional physiotherapy techniques of massage, joint mobilisations, exercise therapy and postural and ergonomic advice Barbara offers treatments and guidance to help improve recovery times and outcomes.

Barbara also has a special interest in pain management through acupuncture. It is well documented and proven that acupuncture is an effective means of reducing pain and Barbara’s many years of experience of this method, having been recently refreshed, ensures a professional and high quality treatment experience. 

Barbara also uses acupuncture for the treatment of fatigue. Evidence is growing to reveal the benefits of acupuncture for this debilitating problem which is so widespread in a range of conditions including fibromyalgia, MS, or as an effect of cancer and the treatment of cancer. Treatments for fatigue using acupuncture are given twice a week for 2 weeks followed by a once monthly maintenance treatment as required. 

Barbara is also trained in Auricular Acupuncture (needling of the outer ear) and is offering this as a treatment for people who are seeking help recovering from traumatic experiences or to support people who are addressing addictive behaviours such as dependence on alcohol or drugs. Barbara follows a recognised treatment protocol for this therapy which is offered as a treatment in small groups or individually for a course of 6 sessions over three weeks.

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