We are delighted to offer a variety of counselling, coaching and consulting services at The Hygge Clinic. Because your mind matters!

Celia Clark


“Someone listening maybe doesn’t sound like much but I felt really heard for the first time.”

“I have finally done something for myself and I feel supported enough to make change.”

“I didn’t realised how much things had been affecting me until I opened up.”

“It gives me space to breathe. To get everything out. To try to make sense of things.”

“I couldn’t go on with the way things were. I felt I was going crazy. Counselling changed so much for me.”

“I sometimes struggled to talk about things but I felt supported and safe.”

Celia Clark offers counselling for individuals, couples, adults and young people. 

People come for support for many different reasons and whether you are new to this or have been before it can be a daunting prospect. It may seem difficult to consider sharing private and personal difficulties with a stranger but it can play an important part in your journey of healing and growth in the short term and over longer periods.

In her practice Celia aims to be as true to the person-centred approach as she can be. She is not here to tell you what to do. Instead she aims to understand and accept you as you try to make sense of your experience. Your own history, thoughts, feelings and emotions are unique and consequently your solutions will be too. You are the expert in your life and Celia will support you to explore your experiences, to ease confusion and help you move forward.

It is up to you what you bring to a session and each person uses the space in a different way. Some know what they want and need and others can be unsure, but that is worked out together. It can at times be a challenging process but in offering support in a non-judgemental and caring way Celia looks to offer you a safe space to discover and explore your inner resources.

Individual Counselling - £50 per session (55 minutes)

Couple Counselling - £50 per session (55 minutes).

To book your session with Celia, you can contact her on 

07919 373304 or at info@celiaclarkcounselling.co.uk

Relationship Counselling

with Noreen Wright

Noreen's specialism is relationship counselling and she has worked with many couples and individuals in Orkney. She has a diploma in couple counselling, and later went on to be accreditted with Couple Counselling Scotland (now Relationships Scotland). Noreen also has a post qualified diploma in working with Children and Young People.  

Noreen can give you a safe place to talk over your worries and concerns.

A place to talk to each other with no interruptions. Noreen is a trained listener and will give you the space you need. Sessions are 55 minutes long. 

Individuals £35

Couples £55

To book your session with Noreen, please contact her on 07799 390445.

My husband and I have known Noreen for a number of years and were fortunate when looking for counselling during a difficult period in our marriage to be allocated Noreen as our counsellor.  She was extremely professional, a patient listener, non judgemental and provided us with tools to help with our relationship in the future.  Above all this was all carried out confidentially.  We would both be very happy to seek further help from Noreen if ever needed again and would recommend her to anyone needing guidance.

Careers Consulting

with Rosie Alexander 

Rosie can help you with all kinds of career related issues. From a change of direction, career expansion or job applications. Her approach to supporting with career development is highly facilitative and can can be tailored to suit your particular needs.


As well as assisting with career dilemmas and career direction, Rosie can also offer focused support with job searching, CV writing, application forms and interview techniques. 

Sessions last for 60 minutes. 


To book a consultancy session with Rosie please contact her on 07835250745 or email her at rosie@rosiealexander.co.uk.

Video Interaction

Guidance (VIG)

VIG is an evidence based approach and reviews of this research have informed decisions by The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) to recommend VIG in three separate guidelines. 

Our VIG practitioner team at The Hygge Clinic is made up of Miriam Landor, Natasha Leslie and Kevin Denvir. 

Satisfying and effective interaction lies at the heart of all successful relationships whatever the context: families, education, health, social work, care, and business. VIG practitioners specialise in the development of relationships using Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) and Video Enhanced Reflective Practice (VERP). VIG is an evidence based approach to the development, sustainability and repair of satisfying and effective



VIG is effective quickly and really helps people to build up - or to repair - positive relationships with those who are important to them, whether in their family or in their work.

You can find more information here https://www.videointeractionguidance.net

VIG generally consists of a number of cycles. One cycle consists of one session where the videoing takes place. The video footage will then be expertly analysed and edited by your practitioner. A second session will follow, where the video footage is reflected upon by you and your practitioner.

To book your VIG session or to find out more, please contact Natasha on 07513 068807 or Kevin on 07939 962626

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