Orkney Podiatry offers you a range of orthotic options. From custom made to off the shelf, we will make sure you get the support and control you need, exactly where you need it. We have various custom made and off the shelf options in addition to the packages below. 


Invented by a Sports Medicine practitioner in the 1970s, Formthotics are a unique design, made from unique materials and customisable to meet the needs of your unique feet. 


My patients find these orthotics extremely easy to wear and highly effective for every day wear and sports alike. Formthotics mould to the shape of your foot to give you support where you most need it. They are made from Formax, a high grade, closed cell foam which is flexible, lightweight, supportive, waterproof, resistant to fungi and mould, and hypo-allergenic. Formthotics also use ShockStop which offers maximum shock absorption and cushioning. This minimises impact on muscles, joints and tendons and enables a faster recovery after performance. Independent lab tests have shown that ShockStop is more than twice as effective as other materials in absorbing shock.

We also use Healthy Step orthotics which designed by Podiatrists are condition specific eg are specially designed for certain foot and lower limb problems. These orthotics are innovative and are highly effective.

Your Podiatrist will prescribe the orthotics package best suited to your own specific needs. 

We offer these insoles as a package including your fitting appointment and a follow up appointment to make sure your orthotics are a great fit for you and are working as intended. 

- Formthotics Orthotics

x1 pair of orthotics

x1 Fitting appointment

x1 Review appointment


Silver Option: Customised

Base Orthotics

Base orthotics are made by your Podiatrist to suit your specific needs. We use a base insole and add your required adjustments, the insoles are then covered with a comfortable top layer of cushioning material. These orthotics are good for short term use and for experimenting with different orthotic prescriptions. 


- Base Orthotics 

x1 pair of orthotics

Fitting appointment

Review appointment