If you have foot problems such as callus, corns, in growing or thickened nails, general aches and pains such heel pain, arch pain or any other foot complaint, a Podiatry treatment could help to get you pain free.

Routine Podiatry

First Appointment- If I haven't seen you before I will book your first appointment allowing time to take notes, carry out a full assessment (including checking your pulses and the sensation in your feet), discuss your treatment plan and then to carry out the treatment. 

Basic Nail Cut-  This appointment  is for those who simply need a nail cut and nothing else.  


Routine Podiatry- This is for anything more than a nail cut. This includes ingrown nails, callous, corns etc.  This is the most popular appointment as it allows for a more thorough treatment.





Toe Nail Removal

In growing toe nails can cause a lot of pain and ongoing infection. Sometimes the best option is to have them totally or partially removed.You will require an initial visit to assess your toe and if it is decided that the best course of treatment is removal, we will book you in as soon as possible to have the procedure done. Your toe will be numbed using local anaesthetic and the nail removed. We use phenol on the nail bed which helps to prevent regrowth and reduces bleeding and pain after the procedure. You will require follow up treatments to ensure that your wound is healing properly. We offer MLS laser therapy at these appointments, offering a safe, painless and high end treatment to encourage healing and reduce infection risk. Please contact us for further information. 

This treatment is provided as a package pf care which includes:

- The nail removal procedure (performed by myself and another Podiatrist) 

- Dressing pack

- Follow up appointment 3-4 days after your procedure including MLS laser therapy

- Follow up appointment around 10 days after your procedure including MLS laser therapy.