If you suffer from aches and pains in your feet, ankles or lower limbs, if you're struggling to get back to your sport after an injury such as tendonitis, muscle tears or strains, after a trauma, if you're scared that exercising might cause more damage or you're just feeling a bit "stuck" with your pain and recovery from it, one of our specialised appointments are for you! 


If you are having pain when running, walking or during activities, with certain footwear or pain in any of the following areas: foot, ankle, heel, achilles tendon or with plantar fasciitis. 
Some call it Sports Podiatry (like ourselves), some biomechanics, some stick to MSK or musculoskeletal medicine.

Essentially, they are all the same thing, the diagnosis and management of various disorders that affect bones, joints and soft tissue like muscles, tendons or ligaments.

Lasting around  60 minutes, this appointment encompasses a full assessment of joints, muscle strength and flexibility and getting a detailed history of your pain to create a clear picture of why you are in pain and what the cause is. A customised treatment plan is created for you to get you back to doing what you love.


A special package just for runners, includes video analysis of your running style, full biomechanics assessment and an assessment summary form (including still shots from your gait analysis) emailed to you afterwards. You will also receive exercises and suggestions for small changes you can make to the way you run to improve performance and efficiency if appropriate. 

1x clinical assessment

1x movement assessment/gait analysis with video analysis and feedback

1x exercise programme

1x optional add on of orthotics 


Individual follow up assessment to review your progress and revise your exercise programme to keep you moving towards your goals.

1x follow up biomechanical assessment

1x revised exercise programme

*All photos by Dawn Simison