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We are pleased to say we are now accepting new clients and offering footcare home visits.


Our feet are such a crucial part of everyday life, yet often unloved. But this needn’t be the case. Our
treatments are for everyone – from an everyday person to professional athletes.

Don’t worry, we will help guide you on treatments. Just book your first appointment and we can help.

Please note, our wonderful podiatrist, Ruth Flett, is on maternity leave until 2024. The equally wonderful Lorna Mudie will be 'filling her shoes' for all your podiatry needs, until her return.

New Insoles

Routine Problems

You may have general aches and pains such as in the heel or arch. Maybe you have calluses, corns or in growing and thickened nails.


Medi/Pedi and Nail Reconstruction

To make your feet look and feel their best. We can resolve cracked heels, reconstruct nails for your sandals or put well needed moisture back into toes that are in steel toe caps all day.

Laser Treatment

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy safely and painlessly uses light to help to reduce pain, inflammation and swelling and to promote healing.

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