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We are delighted that all of our therapists are now up and running again, offering a full range of health and wellness services. 

We have made many changes in the clinic to keep everyone safe. Please contact your therapist directly if you'd like more information on their policies. 

You can contact us on 01856 988422 or thehyggeclinic@gmail.com 

THANK YOU for your support during these difficult times.

Introducing... for February only...


A special treatment to help you recover from all those miles plus WE ARE DONATING £10 FROM EVERY DODDIE AID FOOT RESCUE APPOINMENT to My Name'5 Doddie Foundation!

During your treatment, you will have your nails tidied and any hard skin etc removed making you much more comfortable! Then you'll have a refreshing balm with natural peppermint oils applied to soothe and cool those hard working feet. Your treatment will be finished with a nourishing nail oil containing lavender and lemon oils to protect and strengthen your nails. You will also leave with a goodie bag with a sample of foot cream, a nail file and a voucher for 10% off at Beggs Shoes Kirkwall

Anyone can book in for a Doddie Aid Foot Rescue treatment, now available in online bookings. Grab a space while you can. Remember, this is for February only so be quick! You deserve it and it's all for a great cause.


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The Hygge Clinic is a brand new clinic in Kirkwall which opened in August 2018. The Hygge Clinic is also the new home of Orkney Podiatry.

The Hygge Clinic is home to a variety of different therapists and practitioners all working to help you achieve health and happiness. From sports therapy to aromatherapy to counselling The Hygge Clinic has exactly what you need

We take care to ensure that all of our therapists are fully qualified and fully insured so you can trust that you are in safe hands when you visit The Hygge Clinic.

All our therapists are self employed and you can book your appointments directly with them, all contact details are available on our CONTACT page. If you are not sure which therapy would best suit your needs, please email thehyggeclinic@gmail.com and we will help you to decide. You can use the contact form below to let us know a bit more:

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