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Running Myths Debunked

Written by Ruth Flett

If you have ever used google for help with your running, you'll have seen that there is SO much advice out there for runners and optimising performance. Some of it good, some of it not so good.

Here are just a few common myths we hear, debunked!

"Running will hurt my joints and result in arthritis when older"

Fact - There no evidence to suggest running causes osteoarthritis and in fact there is growing evidence to suggest recreational running can actually protect against the development of knee osteoarthritis, as well as evidence to suggest if you already have arthritis running might not make it worse and in fact improve symptoms.

"I didn't stretch enough and that's why I got injured"

Fact - Research shows that STATIC stretching does not reduce the risk of injury before activity. Dynamic stretching (involving movement) should be included in a general warm up.

"I got injured because I was wearing the wrong shoes for my foot type"

Fact - There is a lack of evidence around the idea that a particular shoe type will prevent injury, whether its minimalist, maximalist etc. The main advice is to avoid a drastic change in shoe type, eg don't go straight from a maximalist to minimalist shoe.

"If I want to run faster and be injury free, I should forefoot strike"

Fact - Again, there is little evidence to suggest that forefoot striking reduces injury risk and improves running economy. While injury type may vary depending on foot strike, the overall incidence rate of injury does not vary between rearfoot and forefoot strikers.

If you are suffering from injuries or would like some help with your running, we'd recommend booking in for a Runners MOT. We'll asses your muscle strength and joint movement and do a gait analysis too. Afterwards we will let you know our findings and help you out with whatever you need to optimise your running and recover from injury, whether that be an exercise programme, making some changes to your running style or training plan or laser therapy or orthoses. We've got you covered.

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