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What is gait analysis?

Gait analysis is the examination of the way you walk and/or run. This can help to identify any biomechanical abnormalities which may be causing issues.

At Orkney Podiatry our gait analysis is done in a variety of settings to get a true vision of your running style. Your gait analysis is recorded and then reviewed in slow motion using software which enables us to carefully identify any features of your running style which we may need to work on.

You will receive detailed feedback including still shots from your video analysis so that you can understand exactly what we are talking about. At Orkney Podiatry we recognise how important having that understanding is to you, your recovery and your performance.

In our gold standard Rehab and Performance package, MPB Health and Fitness and Orkney Podiatry put together our findings from our individual athletic ability and biomechanics assessments and look at those alongside your gait analysis results to create a fully comprehensive and individual programme which will strengthen any weaker areas of your running to get you performing at your absolute peak.

Orkney Podiatry's gait analysis is very different to a sports shop gait analysis. We look at you from head to toe watching for things such as muscle imbalances, hip rotation, the angle of your knees, timings, the way your feet strike the ground plus MUCH more. We are not here to sell you a pair of trainers, we are here to help you identify any weak areas and give you the tools to strengthen them.

For more information on our sports and biomechanics packages please look HERE.

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